Benefits of Reading to Your Baby

When I found out that I was pregnant, one of the first things that I did was buy sweet baby E some books. I’ve always enjoyed reading and want that for her as well. There are so many benefits to reading, no matter your age…but what about babies?

Reading to your infant aloud can help:

  1. Teach babies about communication
  2. Build listening skills
  3. Increase vocabulary
    1. Fun fact- Did you know that babies who have been read to often tend to know more words by the time they reach their second birthday over other children, who have not been read to?
    2. It also introduces them to words that you may not use in day to day conversation
  4. Introduce concepts like letters, numbers, colors and shapes in interesting ways
  5. Teach children about emotions
    1. When you’re reading about being sad, you can frown. When you’re reading about something happy, you can smile and you will change your tone appropriately. 
  6. Bond with a parent.
    1. Snuggling up with a good book can help establish an emotional connection.
  7. Can help with memory skills.
    1. When you read a book that shows a brown bear and you say brown bear, they’ll begin to make the connection. The more you read it, the stronger the connection between seeing a brown bear and knowing that it is a brown bear. 

By the time your baby reaches age three, your baby’s brain is about 80% developed. By age five, it’s already 90% developed. While your infant may not be able to speak yet…or even hold their head up, reading aloud to them significantly helps them process the world around them, while their brain is rapidly developing. Now, you have a good excuse to go to your favorite book store and stock up.

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