7 Month Favorites

Where does the time go? Eliza is almost eight months old! It’s an absolute joy watching her grow and learn. She’s now at that age, where she’s really starting to play with toys…and pick some favorites. I try to be very intentional about which toys she plays with. Playtime, while fun, is a great time to start learning. I wanted to share some of her current favorites & mine! Some of these are affiliate links. If you purchase something using them, it is no extra cost to you, but I may receive a small commission. (If you chose to buy anything, know that I am super appreciative!!!) 

This first toy is Liza’s absolute favorite. My sweet, sweet friend Ansley got it for her. The Zippee is a silicone toy, with flexible textured cords. It was designed to support fine motor skills and encourages sensory exploration. It can be played with in the bath & moms, get this: you can put it in the dishwasher! We don’t go anywhere without it.


This one is pretty basic, but Liza loves this! We’re not quite teething yet, but she loves chewing on the textured side. Another dishwasher safe toy, which is important because we’re constantly washing her toys. Our dogs think she’s supposed to share them.


I had said previously that Eliza liked the Ryan and Rose pacifiers, but then someone *cough, cough* decided that she didn’t like them anymore. We have permanently switched over to this 100% natural rubber, Ecopacifer. It’s made from pure rubber from the rubber tree. Who knew, right? They’re sustainably made, without any chemicals and colorants. Rubber is naturally resistant to sharp teeth. 


Liza love love loves these cloth books. She is constantly trying to eat them. They have vibrant colors, durable stitching, and are a great size for her little hands. 


Living in Georgia, in the middle of July, it gets HOT. It doesn’t help that Eliza is still rear facing in her carseat and I only have vents on the middle console. She also loves to be outside. Poor thing is hot natured and gets sweaty so easily. So this fan was a MUST. The tripod is bendable to grip any surface, i.e. around the stroller or car seat. There are three settings for the fan. It has a light in there and is rechargeable.


These are actually bath toys. They have a hole to squirt water out of, but we don’t really get them wet…ya know, mold. There’s not much to this other than the fact that she loves to chew on the frog and alligator.


Eliza isn’t the only one with favorites. I’ve got some, too! First thing’s first is this paci clip. I can’t tell you how many times that my child has just spit out her paci or thrown it across the room. Paci clips save lives…or at least mental sanity. This also acts as a teether. I feel like the snaps are easier to use than to tie a knot, but maybe that’s just me. This conveniently comes in a two pack.


Okay, now I know this is expensive for just one bowl and spoon, but I love it. It’s got a silicone suction, so less mess for me! The bowl is made of bamboo, so it’s plastic free, BPA free, PVC free, lead free and phthalate free.


What’s not to love about this one? It’s a mini lawn chair! I’m obsessed. It has extra straps, so your little one can sit up in a chair, a carrying case and an attachable tray.


We’ve decided not to use sip cups for many reasons. Currently, we’re using this cup. It’s sturdy, made of silicone so that her developing teeth will be protected and easy to hold in her little hands.


We have a bunch of products that we really like, but these are just our current favorites. Let me know if you want to see our overall favorites or registry must haves! 

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