7 Month Favorites

Where does the time go? Eliza is almost eight months old! It’s an absolute joy watching her grow and learn. She’s now at that age, where she’s really starting to play with toys…and pick some favorites. I try to be very intentional about which toys she plays with. Playtime, while fun, is a great time…

What I packed in my hospital bag

I am a planner. I live for planning and organizing…so I packed my hospital bag at 30 weeks. I had absolutely no intention of giving birth then, but you just never know what’s going to happen. I wanted to be prepared. For my bag, I packed: Robe Button up shirt These made it super easy for…

Overcoming the Overwhelming

“I can’t do this.” Palms sweaty. Heart racing. Can’t breathe.  “Where’s the exit?” Head spinning. Too many people. Not enough space.  “Am I going to pass out?” These aren’t typically one’s thoughts at Disney…but they happened to be my mom’s. Her first of many panic attacks at the Happiest Place on Earth. Can you imagine?…

My Birth Story

All of my life I have been absolutely terrified of giving birth…well that and clowns. So moments after I saw that positive pregnancy test, excitement was met with fear.  ‘Holy crap. I have to push a little human out of my body.’ On December 3rd, I got up and went to work. Huge and pregnant….

Benefits of Reading to Your Baby

When I found out that I was pregnant, one of the first things that I did was buy sweet baby E some books. I’ve always enjoyed reading and want that for her as well. There are so many benefits to reading, no matter your age…but what about babies? Reading to your infant aloud can help:…

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